Sept. 2019 – Alamo Debut

Special film theme event at the Alamo Drafthouse in their Video Vortex Bar.

• Ages 21+.
• Open to the Public.
• Starts at 7pm


1) United We Scream: American Horror Movies and the Fears We Don’t See by Jackson Cooper.

American horror movies are smarter than we realize: every decade, the most popular horror movies are reactions to the country’s subliminal fears of its people. This presentation takes a journey through the decades tracing the most popular horror films of each decade and what it said about our fears as a nation.

2) Czech Animation: The Art of Resistance by Kat Shuckster.

A brief overview of Czech puppet and stop-motion animation and its relationship with a political history of imperial and fascist rule. This presentation will focus on the masters of the Czech Animation world including Jiří Trnka, Hermína Týrlová, and Jan Švankmajer.

3) Movie costumes and characters by Laura Boyes.

Cinema costume isn’t just about pretty clothes; designers create bold character arcs with a timeline of fashion. Jennifer Jones in “Ruby Gentry” and Ava Gardner in “The Barefoot Contessa” rise from poverty to riches, as revealed in their homespun to couture attire. Hot topics include: Can you buy a bullet bra at the general store? And, can your eyes actually shoot death rays behind giant sunglasses?69668280_2395207754072652_6139393305655377920_o

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