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October’s Presentations

Hi fellow NerdNiters!

We are seeking one additional speaker for Nerd Nite this Thursday, Oct. 18th.  Can you do a talk or perhaps help us locate someone ASAP?  Please email us at NerdNiteRaleigh @


nerd1We invite guests to wear their Halloween costumes to this month’s event!  (Please wear costumes that will be safe for taking the stairs up to King’s and that won’t obstruct viewing/seating for others around you.)


Nerd Nite Raleigh takes place at:

4 W Martin St.
Raleigh, NC  27601

King’s is a 21+ venue. $3 cash cover.


#bethere AND #besquare

Stay in touch through the links below.




Speakers Needed

Hi Everyone,

We are still in need of speakers for September 20th Nerd Nite @ Kings in downtown Raleigh. If you know someone who likes to entertain drunk people with clever nerd-ery, then send them our way! mathematical-nerd-4ed837e6ab689_hires

Aug. 2018 Art

Aug 2019 Art give away

Aug 2019 Art give away

Looking forward to tonight’s giveaway Crappy Art! See you all tonight at 7pm Kings in downtown Raleigh!

August_2018 Event

We are returning to Kings this Thursday for Nerd Nite Raleigh. We have a great set of speakers lined up again with wack-o art to give away and Nerdy Trivia! Don’t miss it!  – More details to follow so check back often!

Ages 21+. $3 cover. Open to the Public

1) Who’s in Your Backyard Wilderness?
Ever wonder what animals live in your backyard? Join scientist Dr. Stephanie Schuttler as she presents research on the wildlife she and her team found throughout the Triangle area and beyond!

2) Amateur Ham Radio: What is it and how it’s used by Tara Goodwin

3) Thoughts in Motion: A Dynamic Approach to Thinking About Thinking
How do our brains organize the things we know? Are we like computers, storing lists of facts and features? Or is it something way awesomer? I’ll present the idea that we understand the world in terms of sensory experience and action, and that the mind moves like a river through a landscape of remembered sensations by Jonathan Drucker

July 2018

What a great Nite at Kings in Downtown Raleigh! Thank you to Paul and Kings for hosting us and helping with so much of the setup! Thank you to Raleigh for making this a very successful event!

We had 3 wonderful speakers this month as well so thank you to Darcy, Evan and Kristen! The crowd had lots of great questions for them as well! Looking forward to another Nerd Nite in August back at Kings!

Re-purposed Art

Re-purposed Art


3rd Talk from July 2018 Nerd Nite Raleigh

Kicking Off in May 2017!

NN Nov Cover d20 Raleigh Location and Time Set